Lucy Mcrae – Live Laboratory

I applied for a student position, to help the team of “Live Laboratory” a summer residency project with Lucy Mcrae. she has been someone that has truly inspired me over the past 3 years… in my eyes she is not just architect with a ballet background, she is a artist, interior designer, sculptor, fashion designer and performer. Her projects intrigue me and open up question, her creativity is so inspirational.

So the amazing news is I was excepted!!! [i actually cried reading the email] it is a 3 week project that will be presented on Friday the 22nd of March. This opportunity is truly exciting, i feel it will allow me to enter into a headspace of something INSANELY, FUTURISTIC & MAGICAL!!!!! Giving me new ideas, material knowledge, skills and more confidence for forth year.

I cant wait!!

I will put up photos, ideas and anything else exciting that will happen over the next few weeks. Be prepared for this blog to take direction!!!


Wearable Paper

Wearable Paper

transforming the form of the shoulders, creating a collaboration between the forms and materials; paper and skin as well as clashing… not quite moulding the forms together… causing shadows. Maybe this is intentional… maybe it works?